In the wake of Bonaparte: yachting trip to Elba and Corsica

  • Dates, 7 days: every saturday from may to september
  • Piombino (Italy) – Portoferaio (Elba) - island Capraia - Bastia (Corsica) - Porto Azzuro (Elba) - Piombino (Italy)
  • Yacht: Sun Odyssey 45.  Lenghs: 13,72 м, Width: 4,37 м, Cabin: 4 , Seats:8+2, WC: 2
  • From 800 еuros/person, 1575 еuros/cabin

The Tuscan Archipelago, Elba, Corsica, Montecristo Island - "Napoleon was here", and we will soon be there. We are waiting for a week trip on a sailing yacht to the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean, covered with the legend of the great emperor, who almost conquered Europe. We set out on a yacht tour following the tracks of Bonaparte: we went, together, more fun!


*The route may vary depending on the weather conditions and the wishes of the crew

Piombino (Italy) – Portoferaio (Elba) - island Capraia - Bastia (Corsica) - Porto Azzuro (Elba) - Piombino (Italy)

Эльба И Корсика


  • Day 1  Arrival in Italy, Pisa or Rome, transfer to Piombino.
  • Day 2. Piombino – Portoferaio. Crossing to Elba, 14 miles, 3 h
  • Day 3. Crossing to Corsica, city Bastia, 45 miles, 9 h.
  • Day 4 Explore Corsica.
  • Day 5 Crossing to Elba, 40 miles, 8 h.
  • Day 6 Crossing along the Elba coast , relax, 15 miles, 3 h
  • Day 7 Return to the home marina.  Delivery yacht. 14 miles, 3 h.

Day 1.  Flight Kiev - Pisa / Rome. Transfer Pisa / Rome - Piombino. In the evening - check-in on the yacht, safety training, purchase of products, familiarity with the equipment of the yacht and with each other 🙂 Overnight in Piombino.


Day 2. Piombino – Portoferaio. Go to the Elba. In the morning our yacht goes to the sea and goes to the famous island of Elba. A short sea crossing will help you get used to the boat and get used to the sea wave. Many of the islands in the Tuscan archipelago are a reserve. Therefore, our sea crossings are often accompanied by dolphins, rare sea birds and even ... sperm whales. The fountain of the sperm whale is not to be confused with anything, and autumn is the most favorable time to meet these animals. After lunch, we arrive at the main port of the island of Elba - Portoferraio.

We moor directly on the old quay. Portoferraio - a cozy, beautiful town, as in the picture: surrounded by a ramparts historical center, narrow streets, a lighthouse, Roman ruins - there is where to take a walk and what to see.

We advise you to look at Napoleon's winter palace located in Portoferraio. It was here that the emperor "sat" during the exile to Elba, nurturing plans to return to France.

In the evening, you can stroll along the waterfront, sit in restaurants and so on.

Sea crossing – 14miles, 3 h.

Day 3. Going to Corsica. Early in the morning we leave in the direction of Corsica. We are waiting for a fairly long maritime transition - 45 miles, spend the whole day at sea. Towards evening we arrive in the central city of Corsica island town of Bastia.


Bastia is a very cozy city, there is an ancient fortress, an authentic ancient port, many quiet streets and restaurants and, of course, the famous monument to Bonaparte. We have supper, we walk on an evening city, we have a rest.

Sea crossing – 45 miles, 9 h.


Day 4. Let's explore Corsica. On this day, we remain on the hard land of Corsica, resting from the sea. In your spare time you can rent a car and travel along the sea coast to the south, in Bonifacio, which is considered the most beautiful and authentic city of Corsica.


An alternative option is a quiet rest on one of the many beaches with clear clear water.

Day 5. Crossing to the Elbe. Having rested from the sea, we again make a long transition this time to the southern coast of Elba Island, known for its beaches and beautiful bays.

Sea crossing – 40 miles, 8 h.

Day 6. Go along the Elbe coast, relax

On the fifth day, we are waiting for a small crossing along the southern coast of the Elbe, to one of the most beautiful ports of the Tuscan archipelago - Porto Azzuro. We rest during the transition: we make stops, go into the coves, swim. We hurry up to get to Porto Azzuro.

Entrance to the bay is guarded by two majestic fortresses, and in the bay itself we will find many restaurants and cozy cafes.

Sea crossing – 15 miles, 3 h.

Porto Azzuro

Day 7. Return to the home marina

The last day of our trip. In the morning we leave in the direction of our home marina Salivoli, where a week ago our journey began. We moor at the port, we are preparing to go ashore and hand over the yacht. We get the insurance deposit back from the charter company

After the return of the yacht, if desired, you can go to Pisa or Florence.

Sea crossing – 14 miles, 3 h.

Start: Piombino, Italy

Yacht model:  Sun Odyssey 45.  Lenghs: 13,72 м, Width: 4,37 м, Cabins: 4 , Seats:8+2, WC: 2


Price per person, еuro800850890900
Cabin, еuro1575167017651780

The price includes:

  • rent a place on a yacht
  • services of a Russian skipper
  • the first and last night in the port

Additional paid:

  • air flight from 395 еuros/person (better book in advance);
  • transfer 5-30 еuros/person (airport-marine-аirport);
  • visa 60 еuros/person;
  • sports class insurance - 5-8 euros / person
  • ship сashbox 150 euro / person (parking in marinas, food, fuel, tourist tax);
  • Comfort package: cleaning, bed linen and towels, dinghy with outboard motor, Internet on board - 300 euro / team (payable locally);
  • deposit 2500 евро/team (paid on the spot before the cruise, after the cruise the amount is refunded)



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