Radio course SRC/VHF DSC ISSA

Курс радиосвязи SRC DSCWhy do you need a radio operator certificate?

Security first of all!

According to the current Global Maritime Disaster and Security Communications System (GMDSS - SOLAS),... "each ship that goes to sea must be equipped with several systems to ensure security and communication anywhere in the world with coastal stations.

The SOLAS Convention is approved: On any transport that goes to sea, at least one person must be trained in how to handle safety systems on a ship, in which cases they are correctly used, and have a radio operator certificate. It can be both the skipper and any other member of the ship's crew!

The date of the course (Kyiv).
Duration: 14:00-18:00.



This is necessary, first of all, to ensure security! The mistake will cost you a lot.

Some countries have temporarily lifted the requirement to issue an SRC/VHF radio operator certificate for their territorial waters. But every year the number of such countries is declining. And in some countries, this document is the most important and necessary to take the ship on charter. So, in the UK, you will be asked not even for the skipper license, but the certificate of the VHF/SRC radio operator.

At the end of the course and after passing the exam, each participant receives a VHF/SRC radio operator certificate from an international public organization ISSA.

The SRC/VHF certificate is as important as the skipper license! And if you intend to independently take the yacht to charter, then the license of the radio operator is indispensable for your package of documents.

Radio Operator Courses

The training is conducted jointly with the accredited ISSA school.

The VHF/SRC DSC ISSA course is 4 hours of training in the office (Kyiv). The course consists of an in-depth theoretical part, practical exercises with simulators, and certification.



Course Program:

  • VHF
  • Handheld VHF
  • Handheld VHF-DSC
  • NavteX
  • SART
  • GPS
  • AIS




This course is an excellent opportunity to obtain an official certificate, which is highly appreciated throughout the world.


The cost of training and SRC-VHF ISSA certificate is 110 euros.

The price includes a theoretical lecture, consulting with an instructor, working with simulators (marine radios), passing an exam, obtaining a radio operator license, and forwarding an SRC-VHF DSC certificate.