Theoretical course


Theoretical course

Theoretical classroom course is held in Kiev. Held throughout the year, but more often – in the autumn, winter and early spring.

Included topics are the following:

  1. Navigation and work with the card. Deviation, declination. Laying the course. Determination of origin
  2. International rules to prevent collisions of vessels (COLREG). Toots. Marine units
  3. Meteorology. Weather. Wind. The theory of the sails
  4. Radio (VHF, DSC). Marine alphabet
  5. Beacons. The system IALA. The cardinal and lateral marks
  6. Pilotage. Marked on the map. Selection of parking
  7. Navigation lights
  8. tides, currents. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  9. Local marine regulations. Preparing to go to sea. Yacht etiquette. The device yacht. Documents on a yacht
  10. First aid. Procedure in case of emergency. Ways of summoning help. Safety features on a yacht.

Classes are held in our office: 94,Bohdan Khmelnytski st,.

The cost of the theoretical course: 250 euros. The quoted price includes material for training, as well as textbook “Skipper” by Bogdan Brodowski.

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