Books of yachting SKIPPER

Books of yachting SKIPPER. Yachtsman Guidelines (second edition) - theoretical and practical guide to the sail of the yacht.

книги по яхтингу

Books of yachting - this is a whole world of knowledge! In it you can get plenty of priceless information, without which you can not do at the helm of the ship. A good book about yachting will become for you a constant companion in all sea voyages. After all, no matter how important your knowledge is, the real captain does not cease to develop new skills. And only literature on yachting in the form of book editions can open all the secrets of sailing vessel.

Today, books about yachting - this is the very foundation that every novice yachtsman should lay in the base of his knowledge. And if on the Internet you can find a lot of interesting articles about yachting, it is the book literature that gives you complete knowledge of how to learn how to operate a sailing yacht. Of course, there are many books on yachting and it is important not to read everything, but to find for yourself the very indispensable yacht management textbook, which will be written accessible and modern.

We offer you the SKIPPER. Yachtsman Guidelines! This tutorial will be useful and interesting both for those who first decided to join the wonderful kind of rest - yachting, and experienced "sea wolves».

The book describes the basic and necessary knowledge to manage the yacht, such as navigation, work with maps, walking into the sea tides, yachts device, ways to call for help in the sea, weather, first aid and other useful information. A large number of drawings, diagrams and photographs will help to assimilate faster and easier the knowledge described. The tutorial gives valuable practical advices, which were formed by the author thanks to his many years of experience and practical teaching. It contains Skipper Logbook.

The book is recommended for sailing schools and for self-study.

  • Number of pages - 200.
  • Russian language.
  • Paperback.


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  • Navigation
  • Nautical charts. Sailing directions
  • Tides.  Course
  • Lighthouses
  • Ship navigation lights
  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea COLREGs
  • Weather
  • Safety
  • First aid
  • Theory of sails. Stability of yacht. Pivot Point
  • Maneuver in marinas. Anchorage
  • Electronics on yacht
  • Seamanship
  • Miscellaneous
  • Logbook


Explanatory books on yachting are rare

By purchasing educational literature, everyone wants to absorb knowledge as quickly as possible and begin to apply them in practice. And it is very important that in your yacht library there is an explanatory selection. Worthwhile books will help you quickly learn the theory of yacht sailing and plunge into the sailing world. But to collect a good Russian-language library on yachting is also not easy. Quite a few books that, apart from the history and theory of the sail, will help you quickly master of yachting. And if you want to replenish your library with an explanatory practical guide - then the book "Skipper" will become an invaluable purchase for you!

"Skipper" - one of the most popular in the CIS edition of books about yachting Bogdan Brodowski. After reading it, you will get the most necessary knowledge, in order to go on a safe journey on a yacht. After all, the health and life of the crew on the yacht depends on the skipper, the question is, it depends on his knowledge and skills. "Skipper"!!