Corporate events

93% of people have a dream that can be executed before the end of the week, and they are doing it out of a lifelong dream.

In twenty years you will not regret what you did, but what you did not. So drop doubt swam away from the safe harbor. Catch the tail wind for its sails. Explore. Dream. Open

What can bring more pleasure than traveling? Just traveling by sea! You can go on a sailing or motor boat - in any case, it would be a great way to unite, encourage and entertain employees, increase the loyalty of customers and partners.

Yachting - a world to which you can get only from the sea. Everywhere on the planet - such as Europe, America, and Australia - he has become a way of life! Many believe that the yachting - an expensive hobby, but it is not. He is absolutely accessible financially. The budget of week yachting is an equivalent to travel to a beach resort in Egypt or Turkey.

"BB Yachting" company organizes many exciting tours on yachts, the different nature and anywhere in the world! One of the most popular areas - corporate yachting.

Corporate programs:

  • Croatia: Great Circumnavigation of Dalmatia (2 weeks) and the Pearl of the Adriatic (one week)
  • Greece, Cyclades Islands
  • Canary Islands
  • Turkey

We offer flights on the individual scenarios that develop according to the wishes of each individual customer. Thus, your cruise will be completely original, unique and delicious!

For corporate clients, we can offer the following services:

  • Flights for employees (incentive and entertainment)
  • Teambuilding
  • Business tourism for partners and customers

Your own fleet of sailing and raised corporate flag with an experienced skipper racing the waves of the Mediterranean, the Adriatic or the North Sea! We can arrange for you a real regatta: teamwork, joint decision-making and the right to develop a strategy will determine the winner! You will be offered a program of rest, which is allocated time to address important business issues, meetings, negotiations, conferences, seminars and trainings. It is made individually for each client taking into account all their wishes. This organization promotes leisure excellent international connections, the team spirit within the workforce, and helps business partners to know each other in an informal setting.

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