School of yachting

We recommend our course to all:

  • who set themselves a goal to learn how to manage the yacht;
  • who wants to travel under sail with his family;
  • who want to rent each season charter yacht and discover new horizons;
  • who owns or plans to own a yacht;
  • who are engrossed in the childhood books about sea travels and dreams of becoming a captain.

I got the captain license! Why do they need?

Are you dreaming to go on a voyage with your friends or family, or simply retire from the cares and bustle of the big cities? Do you want to surprise everyone?

Having skipper license for a yacht, you will have the unique opportunity to spend your vacation in a new way, received a huge number of positive and bright emotions!

You will be able to assemble a team of friends and relatives, and then rent a motor or sailing yacht, such as in the Mediterranean or in another corner of the world, and the whole company will enjoy your vacation, just traveling to different countries, exotic islands and seas. Many yacht schools offer to undergo training, learn how to professionally manage any yacht.

It has long been known for a unique holiday on a yacht. The cost of the rest can be compared with the cost of any holiday in the land. However, emotions, impressions and supply of energy generated from such a trip, can not be compared with simply relaxing on the beach.

Organization of yacht journey is incredibly exciting as the journey itself. Only once fascinated by yachting, you can not give up the emotions that you give it!

Sea, hot sun and the sails full of wind, and you are on the snow-white yacht - what could be more romantic and interesting.

How the training is performed?

Yachting training for obtaining of yachting license takes place in 3 stages:

  • Theoretical course - full-time training in Kiev (the ability to connect on Skype) - 10 lessons.
  • Practical course, duration - 1 week (Croatia, Greece, Spain, North Sea, Norway, Caribbean and Seychelles).
  • Passing the exam on the penultimate day of practical sailing for obtaining ISSA certificate of appropriate level (Inshore Skipper, Offshore Skipper).

What is the cost of training and obtaining the license?

Bogdan Brodowski Yachting School offers training theory and practice in any waters at the price *:

  •  Theoretical course - 250 euros;
  • Practical Course - 250 euros;
  • Passing the exam to the instructor and receive a certificate Inshore Skipper Offshore skipper - respectively 250 euros and 300 euros;
  • Payment boatswain services (cost of services depends on the waters of the skipper).

 * The price does not include the cost of training a trip on a yacht.

Welcome aboard!

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