Palm de Mallorca, Ibiza, and pirate island Es Pujols


  • Dates: every saturday from may 2021
  • Cost: 890 euros
  • Route: Palma - Andrach-Port de Soleil - Port de Pollenca - Porto Cristo - Cala Figuera - Torrent de Cala Pi - Palma
  • Yacht Bavaria Cruiser 45 Places: 8, WC: 3


In search of black pearls on a yacht with BB Yachting

The Balearic Islands are one of the most popular places in the western Mediterranean. The most famous of them: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Their long history stretches back to the ancient civilizations of Greece and Phenicia, and traces of human habitation speak of the existence of the population almost 8,000 years ago.

The archipelago also contains many small islands, including Cabrera, that await their study.

Would you like to have a rest in nature? Only on four large islands there are more than 360 golden beaches. In the vicinity also there are several mysterious caves, including the famous "Dragon Caves" in Mallorca with their underground lake. The Cabrera Sea-Land National Park is home to many species of seabirds, and its waters are teeming with dolphins, whales and other marine inhabitants. When the sun goes down, Ibiza becomes the world capital of colorful lights and beach dances. The Balearic Islands also have a variety of wineries. The wine on these islands is made from Roman times.


Tour program:

Day 1 Palma, crossing 16 miles, 2,5 h

Day 2 Andrach, parking in the marina at anchor or buoy, crossing 24 miles, 4 h

Day 3 Port de Sóller parking in the marina at anchor or buoy,  crossing 30 miles, 5 h

Day 4 Port de Pollença, parking in the marina at anchor or buoy, crossing 37 miles, 6 h

Day 5 Port Cristo, parking in the marina at anchor or buoy, crossing 14 miles, 2,5 h

Day 6 Cala Figuera, parking in the marina at anchor or buoy, crossing 16 miles, about 3 hours

Day 7  Torrent de Cala Pi, parking in the marina at anchor or buoy, crossing 15 miles, 2,5 hours

Day 8 Palma – return yacht



The route may change depending on weather conditions, the wishes of the crew and other factors beyond the control of any of the skipper nor the team ...
The crossing to Ibiza and Es Pujols takes the decision of the skipper, depending on the level of team preparedness



Day 1 Palma de Mallorca, crossing 16 miles, 2,5 h

Collecting cruise participants, buying food, receiving a yacht and a gala dinner on board.

The Palm –quite small, but a nice little town with narrow streets and lots of beautiful clean beaches. The architecture of the city mixed in itself a variety of styles.

Local attractions are located in the central part of the city, on the main square. Visiting card of the city is the ancient Cathedral with a stunning royal garden, the construction of which began in the distant 1229 year and the interior decoration of the cathedral was handled by Gaudi himself.

Also the city is famous for its huge marina, where you can see yachts from all over the world and in different sizes.



Day 2 Andrach, parking in the marina at anchor or buoy,crossing 24 miles,4 h

Andrach is considered one of the most beautiful natural harbors of the Mediterranean coast. Here you can have a snack and admire the freshly caught fish. This port has its own fishing fleet, which is effectively combined with expensive white-weather yachts of travelers.

And by the way, Andratx is the favorite vacation spot of the Spanish royal family.



Day 3 Port de Sóller  parking in the marina at anchor or buoy, crossing 30 miles, 5 h

Port de Soller is a small town  in the form reminding a horseshoe. It perfectly combines sea and mountain views. In the city there is a huge variety of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops.



Day 4 Port de Pollença, parking in the marina at anchor or buoy,crossing 37 miles, 6 h

Lovely picturesque bay, located a few kilometers from the old town. Here are very beautiful sandy beaches, which pleased many talented people.

The famous Agatha Christie wrote her detective about Pollens here.

Apart from the beaches, the attraction of Porta de Pollensa is a historic castle which is located in the mountains.



Day 5 Port Cristo,parking in the marina at anchor or buoy, crossing 14 miles, 2,5 h

Porto Cristo is a fishing town that used to be the most popular resort on the east coast. The main attraction of the city are stalactite Dragon caves and the world's largest underwater lake Martel.



Day 6  Cala Figuera, parking in the marina at anchor or buoy, crossing 16 miles, about 3 h

It is a small fishing village, consisting of 577 locals. Despite its stunningly beautiful scenery, it is not popular among tourists, because there are almost no beaches here, huge overhanging cliffs descend directly into the sea. In the bay you can stop at anchor, the water here is always quiet as the Cala Figuera is the narrowest and windswept bay.


On the south side of the harbor you can see some of Mallorca's most picturesque traditional houses.

Day 7  Torrent de Cala Pi, parking in the marina at anchor or buoy, crossing 15 miles, 2,5 hours

Torrent de Cala Pi is a narrow bay with rocks, in the depths there is a small sandy beach with crystal clear water.



Day 8 Palma – return yacht

Start: Palma de Mallorca

Yacht: Bavaria Cruiser 45

Сost: from 650 еurоs/person

The price includes:

  • rent a place on a yacht
  • Russian-speaking skipper
  • the first and last night in the port
  • full set of dishes.

ДAdditional paid:

  • airflight from 395 euro / person (it is better to book in advance);
  • transfer 5-20 euros/person (airport-marina-airport);
  • sports class insurance - 5-8 euros / person
  • ship ticket 150 euro / person (parking in marinas, food, fuel, tourist tax);
  • comfort package: cleaning, linen and towels, dinghy with outboard motor, Internet on board - 300 euros / team (payable locally);
  • deposit 2500 euro / team (paid on the spot before the cruise, after the cruise the amount is refunded)

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