Cruise to the North Sea!

  • Dates, 12 days: 14 - 23 april 2021
  • Route*: Lelystad -  Тerschelling - Dover  – Calais  и  Dunkirk  - Zeebrugge, Bruge – Аmsterdam  - Lelystad
  • Yacht: Bavaria 46 Cruiser, Cabins: 4+cabin company, Seats: 10 (8+2), WC: 2
  • Cost: 980 еuros/person, 1960 еuros/cabin

Wind, waves, temperature +5! Every year in spring in April we organize a unique training сruise to the North Sea.

This is an intense practice for real sea wolves!

*The route may vary depending on the weather conditions and the wishes of the crew

Lelystad -  Тerschelling - Dover  – Calais  и  Dunkirk  - Zeebrugge, Bruge – Амстердам  - Lelystad

Cеверное море

  1. Day 1  Lelystad, Netherlands
  2. Day 2  Island Terschelling, Netherlands.
  3. Day 3-6 Dover, London, United Kingdom
  4. Day 6-7  Dunkirk, Сalais, France
  5. Day 8 Zeebrugge and Bruge, Belgium
  6. Day 9 Аmsterdam, Netherlands 
  7. Day 10 Lelystad, Netherlands

Tour program:

About our travel read:


Day 1. The starting point of our trek is Holland, the city of Lelystad, the capital of the province of Flevoland. Arriving at Schiphol Airport, which is close to Amsterdam, to Lelystad it is most convenient to get there by train. A ticket from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station costs 3.5 euros, you can buy it in the vending machine. We accept and settle on the yacht. Before the hike, you can explore the town of Lelystad, especially since there is a museum: theme park Aviodrom, in which you can see a large number of aircraft. The largest exhibit of the museum, Boeing 747, got to Lelystad not by air, but by water, as Lelystad airport can not accept such large aircraft. The plane, sold to the KLM museum for a symbolic price of € 1, was brought to Lelystad by barge. Among the sights of the city - a copy of the legendary ship of the Dutch East India Company "Batavia".


From the first minutes we will start training and check the yacht: the yacht should be in order, and how everything works, whether mooring lines, sheets and other gear are properly laid depends life, crew health and safety of the yacht.

To the trek must necessarily be properly prepared, the equipment of a yachtsman for a trip to the North Sea should be the following: a yacht without a wet suit and a jacket, winter rubber boots, a hat, gloves.

Out to sea. Нeading to the island Тerschelling.


Day 2. Our path runs along the Watt Sea and requires serious preparation, including understanding the characteristics of the tidal zone and currents. The movement of vessels in this place is quite intense. We moor and go to see the city. One of the landmarks of the city is the lighthouse, which you can climb and admire the beauty of the city. Or you can relax at a local bar before heading to England.



Day 3, 4. Exit to the sea, the transition to Britain will take about two days in good weather. Starting from this moment, we will carry the watch in turns, around the clock. We are heading for Dover. Now we have 72 hours to inspect the UK!

Day 4,5.  Moored in the yacht club of Dover. We g0 to explore the city. London is two hours by train.


Day 6-7. In the morning we leave hospitable Britain and go towards continental Europe, go to Dunkirk! Dover remains behind the stern.

Day 8.  Zeebrugge, Bruges, Belgium.


Crossing to Belgium. We will visit the harbor of Zeebrugge, the city of the satellite known for the film "Lie to the bottom in Bruges". Zeebrugge is a huge cargo terminal. On the banks of the bay there are container platforms and cranes. We walk around the city. Bruges is located about 17 km from the port of Zeebrugge and if you have not already been there, it is compulsory to visit. Medieval architecture and the unique atmosphere of this city make it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Day 9. АmsterdamАmsterdam – so gorgeous city that having visited at least once, you will certainly want to return yet again.


Day 10. Return to Lelystad, delivery of a yacht.

Start: Lelystad / Netherlands

Yacht:  Bavaria 46 Cruiser, Cabins: 4+ cabin company, Seats: 10 (8+2), WC: 2

Сost:  980 еuros/person

The price includes:

  • rent a place on a yacht;
  • skipper services;
  • life raft;
  • cleaning after the cruise

 Additional paid:

  • аir flight from 350 еuros/person (better book in advance);
  • transfer 5-20 еuros/person (аirport-marine-аirport);
  • visa 60 еuros/person;
  • sport class insurance – 5-8 еuros/person
  • ship's box office 150 еuros/person (parking in the marines, food, fuel, tourist tax);
  • bed linen and towel 40 еuros/person
  • deposit 1500 еuros/team (paid on the spot before the cruise, after the cruise the amount is refunded)

For those who study:

  • Training - 250 euros;
  • Licence offshore skipper 300 euros;
  • Licence іnshore skipper 250 euros.
  • Training RYA - by agreement


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