Yacht School

International yacht school of Bogdan Brodowski, in Ukraine since 2008, teaches yachting with obtaining licence and certificate of ISSA and RYA, that are recognized in all charter companies of the world. Our graduates are sailing  independently on a yacht with friends and families. European training system of yachting: 10 theoretical sessions, textbook Skipper + 1 week of practice at sea. Pass training, get the licence and go on a trip on a yacht - just in 3 steps, find out how.

Trip on the yacht 

Do you like to travel? Do you like to explore new places in the pleasant company? Calendar of trips on the yacht 2018. Sailling with BB Yachting on a yacht trip in Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, exotic Canary, Caribbean and Seychelles - choose any water area for your trip. We will ensure your rest on the yacht comfort and safety!

Corporate events

An exciting whirlwind of emotions and new impressions! Coherence of teamwork, the pursuit of goals and the joy of victory. You are taking a step into a new world where the main qualities are courage and leadership, interaction and willingness to help, gambling and ambition. The main thing - on board the yacht all open up really, because yachting takes off our masks and teaches the new. Our corporate programs

Professional yacht school BB Yachting


Bdan Brodowski is a skipper with many years of practical experience (more than 30 years of sailing) and teaching. Instructor - examiner


Yachting School BB Yachting has been working in Ukraine since 2008 and has trained 3000 skipper


Professional instructors of the world's yacht schools ISSA (International Sailing School Association) and RYA (Royal Yacht Association) 


The сertificate of the international sample level inshore, offshore, SRC- VHF DSC


The book "Skipper. Yachtsman's Handbook ", author Bogdan Brodowski and all the teaching materials - as a gift!!


European training system: 10 theoretical lessons + 1 week practice on the yacht

Gone training? What's next?

After the release of BB Yachting renders all possible support to our skippers:


Send to the sea!

70% of graduates go independently on a yacht with friends and families.

Collecting teams

We find friends in spirit for yachting trips 🙂

Propose discounts for rent of yachts

If you find a yacht through the Internet - we will offer it cheaper!!


Route planning, the choice of marinas, parking in any country in the world.

Improve skills

Operate of a cruising yacht on the Dnieper in the role of a skipper.

Insure in European companies

Skippers, deposits, yachts, to third parties.

Sew yachting clothes

Individual sewing of complete equipment.

Advise when buying yachts

Assistance from the selection of the model to the acquisition, maintenance and delivery of the charter.

Обучение Яхтингу в ББ Яхтинг

Парусный спорт – объединяет всех, мы откроем вам двери в мир больших яхт и ярких людей. Ведь яхтинг притягивает самых смелых, открытых, веселых, активных и увлеченных. Если вы любите жизнь во всех проявлениях и хотите убежать от скучных будней, то смело пополняйте ряды наших яхтсменов. Мы с радостью познакомим вас с миром полных парусов и невероятных приключений!

  • Мы предложим круиз на яхте или катамаране по неизбитым и захватывающим маршрутам любой страны, где есть море!
  • Наш шкипер проведет увлекательное обучение яхтингу в самой доступной форме, с последующим получением Международных права ISSA!
  • Мы научим вас, как самостоятельно отправиться в чартер со своей семьей или друзьями и дадим специальную скидку на яхту!

Записывайся на курсы яхтенных капитанов в школу шкиперов ББ Яхтинг и получи подарок – он-лайн доступ к книге «Шкипер» (первое издание), автор Б.Бродовски

Kyiv Yacht School BB Yachting

  • Авторский курс теории яхтинга Богдана Бродовски
    Приглашаем на авторский курс теории яхтинга Богдана Бродовски! Если вы или ваши друзья мечтаете попасть в мир яхтинга - ББ Яхтинг станет вашим лучшим другом в этом начинании.  ⭐ Вы пройдете…
  • Приглашаем к сотрудничеству
    Приглашаем к сотрудничеству активные и позитивные компании Если вы : туристическая компания, event-агентство или просто  человек, любящий путешествовать и открыт к новым знанииям и опыту предлагаем стать нашим партнером  в развитии…
  • Свадьба на яхте
    Кто не хотел бы провести главный праздник в своей жизни в необычной обстановке. Только представьте себе, Свадьба на яхте. Есть конечно консервативные люди, которые видят его только в ресторане в…
  • Аренда яхт
    Аренда яхт со всего мира теперь на нашем сайте! Более 15 тысяч яхт Есть что предложить в любой стране мира! Школа яхтинга | Он лайн обучение яхтингу   Отправить запрос Мы…

Our team

  • Сергей Самокрик
    Шкипер-инструктор, представитель школы ББ Яхтинг в Харькове. Первый круиз на яхте совершил в…
  • Анастасия Будкевич
    Под её руководством и вниманием обучаются и ходят в круизы как ученики, так и…
  • Богдан Бродовски
    Шкипер с многолетним опытом практической (более 30-ти лет хождения под парусами) и преподавательской…
  • Юлия Гресс
    C компанией “BB Yachting”с 2008 года, как клиент, с 2018 – как сотрудник.…
  • Василий Биленко
    Журналист, яхтсмен и просто хороший человек 🙂 Первый выпускник парусной школы ББ Яхтинг…
  • Люси Бродовска
    Мир яхтинга открыла для себя 5 лет назад и с этого момента яхтинг…

Get new items and hot offers on yacht trips with BB Yachting!

The BB Yachting team are yachtsmen who do not see their life without yachting, and moreover, they want to bring love of sails into your life. In Ukraine, it was believed that yachting is a closed world for the elite. We want to show that yachting is available to everyone: adults and children, fragile girls and courageous men, students and employees in various fields.

If you are an experienced yachtsman, then BB Yachting club will also offer a lot of interesting things!

  • Search for a yacht - we will help with the selection of boats in proven charter companies.
  • Want to go on a cruise - we organize it literally in one day!
  • Need to insure the yacht - we work with European yacht insurance companies.
  • Need professional yacht clothing - we will provide the best outfit!
  • Want to buy something useful on your boat - we have radios, plotters, innovative life jackets and much more!
  • And of course, if you want to buy a yacht - we will provide qualified advice and acquaint you with the model range of famous Delphia and More yachts!

Team BB Yachting is always open to new acquaintances. We sincerely love our business and are happy to share travel experiences and knowledge with students, friends, yachtsmen, all who are in love with yachting! Our goal is to make yachting available to everyone, to make you friends with the wind and to present the possibility of sailing trips.
Every season we are at sea, which means we know firsthand what a real yachtsman needs, what routes to offer, which marinas to choose for parking, which charter companies to recommend. We are often asked: “What are you doing in winter, yachting is seasonal?” - we answer that there is a place for yachting all year round! And indeed, we go ourselves and are always happy to invite you to our team! In hot August or in cold January, come to visit us for a cup of "skipper" tea, and we'll talk together about travels, about the sea, about sails, and plan your best holiday on a yacht!