Fort Boyard and fortress La – Rochelle, France


  • Dates: every saturday 2021
  • Сost: 880 еuros/seat, 1760 еuros/cabin
  • Route: Тrinite - Oedik - Noirmoutier-en-l'Île - Ye - La-Rochelle - Le-Croisic - Belle-Il - Тrinite
  • Yacht Oceanis 45, Cabin 4,  Seats: 8 (8+2), WC: 2

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Яхтинг во Франции

Яхтинг во Франции


The route may vary depending on the weather conditions, the wishes of the crew and other factors not dependent on either the skipper or the crew ...


Tour program :

Тrinite - Oedik - Noirmoutier-en-l'Île - Ye - La-Rochelle - Le-Croisic - Belle-Il - Тrinite

Day 1. Arrival to the city of Nantes, transfer to the marina, reception of the yacht, purchase of products, Exit to the sea transfer 21 miles, 4 hours Oedik.

Nantes is the sixth largest city in France, in the past the capital of the duchy of Brittany. Nantes are also called "Western Venice" - there are many streams and canals flowing here. Today it is a city full of squares and parks. Thanks to the plantations in 2013, the city is recognized as the Green Capital of Europe.

Of great interest is the cultural project Big Elephant and Machines of Nantes Island, both for children and adults. This is essentially a large moving toy according to the prototype of the elephant, on which you can ride.


Project Big Elephant and Machines of Nantes Island.

Day 2.  Оedik  -  Noirmoutier-en-l'Île, crossing 30 miles, 5 h  parking in the marina

The small island of Oedik is located off the coast of French Brittany, 13 km east of the island of Belle Ile. It is a small isolated island, inhabited by 40 fishing families. During the summer, the population is increasing because of vacationers.

Франция яхтинг

i. Оedik

Day 3. Noirmoutier-en-l'Île - La-Rochelle, crossing 64 miles, 10 h

The most attractive seaside city of France. The true charm of La Rochelle is waiting for you on the main street, full of shops - Pale. Also the city is famous for its French cuisine. Particular attention should be paid to fish restaurants of the city.

Яхтенное путешествие во Францию

День 4. La - Rochelle – Ye, with a visit to Fort Boyard, crossing 62 miles , 12  h

Watching the program, you certainly wanted to be here. You have such an opportunity! Stone fort, which gained its popularity thanks to the holding of a tele-game.

0_8db9a_bd3dd3c9_origФорт Буаяр


Day 5. Ye - Le-Croisiccrossing 34 miles, 5,5  h

The small picturesque town of Le Croisic is famous not only for its balneological resort, offering wellness treatments, but also for a varied and colorful holiday. Since the days of Gaul, it was a port city, the population of Le Croisic is still engaged in ancient classical fisheries - fishing and evaporation of sea salt, which has been mined in this way for several hundred years. Even there is a museum dedicated to salt.

There are also frequent ebbs and tides, during which you can see the locals, who gather different marine inhabitants, along which the coastline In addition, the city of Le Croisic is famous for its farms that grow "horned delicacies" - snails and oysters. All these fresh delicacies are sold at the local fish market.

Ле Круазик

Day 6. Le-Croisic  - Belle - Ilcrossing 24 miles, 4  h

Belle-il is the largest and most beautiful island of Brittany, which conquers with its unusual seaside villages, beautiful mountains, houses with pastel colors, suburban territory and uneven rocky coasts. His natural beauty inspired him to paint the painting "Cliffs of Belle-Ile" by such a famous artist as Claude Monet. This island is popular with the French, who buy here dachas and like to relax in the summer.

Also you will find many cozy places where you can taste delicious dishes from fresh seafood, pancakes, cider, and other delicacies of local cuisine.

Бель-Иль 3


Day 7. Belle-Il  - Тrinitecrossing 15 miles, 2  h

Trinite – delivery yacht.


  • Start - Finish : Тrinite / France
  • Yacht: Oceanis 45, Cabin 4, Seats: 8 (8+2), WC: 2
  • Сost: 880 еuros/person, 1760 euros/cabin

The price includes:

  • yacht rental
  • уRussian- speaking skipper;
  • gas, full set of dishes;
  • first and last night in port

Additional paid: Fare:

  • air flight Кiev –Nantes/Nantes – Кiev from 300 еuros/person
  • transfer  airport-marine- аirport –from 15-50 еuros.
  • sports insurance– 5-10 еuros
  • bed linen + towel – 20 еuros

Team expence:

  • Food, fuel, parking in the marines (250-300 еuros/person)
  • cleaning – 150 еuros

Yacht insurance  - 2500 еuros (returns after the end of the cruise, in cash or from a Visa, MasterCard )

Outboard motor – 120 еuros (team expence)


  • french visa 55 еuros (if necessary)







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