Yacht cruising status and competencies


Yacht cruising status and competencies

The Yacht cruising status and competencies of the organizer and participants of the yacht cruise, and its features.


1. BB Yachting Company.

2. Team.

3. Skipper.

“BB Yachting” COMPANY is an organizer of vacation or study on a yacht.

The company’s competencies include:

1. Conduct training in sailing and motor yacht management with obtaining international rights in the inshore and offshore categories.

2. Organize a cruise on a yacht, according to the cruise program.

3. Select and book yachts from charter companies.

4.  Provide the cruise with a qualified, experienced skipper (instructor skipper).

5. Provide consulting assistance in route planning.

6.  Accompany the client on independent cruises.

7. Provide advice on selecting transfer options.

8. Assist in obtaining sports-type medical insurance for cruise participants, deposit insurance, and car insurance (green card).

Cruise booking procedure – after receiving confirmation of availability of seats on the cruise:

1. An advance payment of 50% of the cost of the cruise to secure a seat for the participant.

2. Payment of the second 50% 45 days before the start of the cruise.

3. If there are less than 45 days left before the cruise, 100% of the cost of the cruise is paid.

4. After paying for the cruise, the participant is sent a Crew list and Board Pass, which indicates the list of crew members, cruise dates, marina location, contact information of the company representative and skipper.

This document confirms 100% payment for participation and is an official document that you must have with you when crossing the border along with your passport and insurance.

If a participant cancels a cruise no later than 45 days before the cruise, the prepayment is refunded only if a replacement is found.

If you cancel the cruise later than 45 days before its departure, payment will not be refunded.

2 weeks before the start of the cruise, the company, at the request of the participants, organizes a team meeting in the company office or via Skype. At the meeting you can meet all the participants, the skipper and resolve all organizational issues.

BB Yachting is not a carrier. If necessary, he can recommend a more convenient way to get to the yacht mooring – based on his experience.

Yacht cruising status TEAM

Consists of all cruise participants who vacation and/or study on the yacht.

It is formed from among those who wish and is accommodated in double cabins on the yacht independently. The child is a full member of the team and is included in the Crew list.

The route stated in the cruise program may change depending on weather conditions and the wishes of the crew.

All cruise participants bear general responsibility for the integrity of the yacht and are responsible for damage caused within the amount of the security deposit.

The excursion program and vacation planning are the responsibility of the participants themselves. The company only gives recommendations for visiting certain places according to the route.

Team has a common cash register and team expenses (except alcohol), which are divided among all participants. Additional expenses – cleaning the yacht, gas, bed linen, fuel, security deposit, parking in marinas, purchasing food on yachts.

The team distributes responsibilities for the yacht among themselves, determines kitchen duties and watches if there are night passages. At least 1 hot meal per day is required!

A yacht is a closed space where different characters and moods gather. Participation in the life of the crew is mandatory, a friendly atmosphere is the key to a good cruise for everyone.

Each team member must know where his lifejacket is and have quick access to it. Accommodation in the cabins is compact. It is not recommended to take large bulky bags with you. Storage space is limited.

Do not take hair dryers, irons, curling irons with you!

Yacht cruising status SKIPPER

Skipper is the captain of the ship, the qualified and most experienced member of the crew. On the first day, he conducts a safety briefing.

He is responsible for the team, therefore all his requests and instructions should be followed unconditionally. The safety of each and every team member depends on this.

Not responsible for people outside the yacht (on shore).

Throughout the cruise, he performs his duties and for the normal provision of all processes, he must have a full 8-hour sleep and meals on board, the provision of which is the responsibility of the crew.

Responsible for the deposit in the event of a violation of the International Regulations for Collision Prevention and Maritime Rescue (COLREGS), which led to a collision and damage to the yacht(s).

Yacht cruising status and competencies of the organizer and participants of the yacht cruise.