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Практика згідно стандартів безпеки життя на морі SOLAS
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ISSA International Perpetual Driving License
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Discover the exciting world of yachting with the achievement of new goals! The first step to obtaining yacht management rights is passing a theoretical course.


How to become a skipper?BBYachting

Watch the interview with Bogdan Brodowski, the founder of a yachting school in Ukraine, which has been teaching yachting since 2008 with the possibility of passing an exam and obtaining international sertificates to operate the yacht

Bogdan Brodowski, founder of the BB Yachting company and yachting school

Teacher of the author's yachting course. Psychologist, businessman and traveler, public figure, yachtsman, instructor-examiner of the ISSA International Yachting Association, member of the ISSA Board of Directors, founder of the yachting school and tour operator BBYachting, author of the unique practical book "The Skipper. The Yachtsman's Guide" (3rd edition).
Bogdan Brodowski, born in Poland, first got behind the wheel in 1980, and in 1984 he already received his first skipper's license. In 2008, after coming to Ukraine, Bohdan founded one of the first yachting schools "BB Yachting" and received a license to engage in tour operator activities. Thanks to his unique teaching gift, subtle sense of humor and ability to feel and understand people, several thousand of his students around the world have already become experienced skippers. Their dream came true! And yours will be able to do so.

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BB Yachting
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Andrey Repko
Andrey Repko
15:32 11 Jun 21
All you need if you about to yacht aboard.
Andrii Filipovych
Andrii Filipovych
14:36 28 Jan 20
A very pleasant people are going to provide you with all the necessary information about yacht school or cruise planning.Recommended
Влад Куницкий
Влад Куницкий
10:26 26 Oct 17
I was vacationing with my parents in Greece, a very beautiful country. The first time was abroad, and the first time was on a yacht. Every day we were on a new island. The first was the island of Kythnos, it was a small island, but there are hot springs, Katafiki cave, ruins of temples and walls of the ancient city, beaches. Next was the island of Serifos. An old castle is partially preserved here, which is located on a high hill and is surrounded by many different houses. Serifosa is located in a picturesque mountainous area, so while exploring the historical sites, we had the opportunity to admire the surrounding landscapes. Well, and many other small islands, with a variety of gorges, caves, fortresses, monasteries. I liked everything, took a lot of photos, videos, got a lot of fun. Thank you BBYahting for a great opportunity to get all these sensations.
Sergii Gulenok
Sergii Gulenok
18:05 06 Mar 17
Skipper training at BBYachting was given to me as a birthday present and since then I can’t imagine life without the sea. First, a training tour in Croatia in 2015, during which we not only learned how to sail a yacht, but also fell in love with the sea (the guys who were passengers with us on that trip, by the way, later also studied and received a license from BBYachting). Then, in the spring of 2016, some extreme sports and real marine life with Bogdan on the North Sea (at the same time we visited England without a visa: maritime law, everything;) ), and a little later in the same year they themselves took a yacht charter in Croatia. Also with the full assistance of BBYachting, who not only helped us find the cabin layout that we were looking for, but also got a discount on it from the charter company, and Bogdan was always in touch if we suddenly had questions. Although they were more purely organizational - after the training, there were no questions about the actual management of the yacht and we had a great time coping with everything ourselves. Thanks a lot!P.S. All photos from real travels in the North Sea and Croatia ;)
Клавдия Коляда
Клавдия Коляда
13:06 05 Dec 16
Super! We went on a catamaran in the Seychelles in autumn, we liked everything, a wonderful team, a super positive skipper, extraordinary beauty: we dived, swam, caught tuna, rode turtles :)
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Sailing School
Bogdan Brodowski International School of Yachting in Ukraine has been teaching yachting since 2008 with ISSA and RYA licenses and certificates recognized by all charter companies in the world. Our graduates go on their yachts with friends and families. European yachting training system: 10 theoretical classes, “Skipper” textbook + 1 week of practice at sea. Get training, get a license and go on a yacht trip – just in 3 steps, find out how.

Yacht Travel
Are you a traveler? Do you enjoy exploring new places in good company? Yacht travel calendar 2023. Go on yacht trips with BB Yachting that will give you unforgettable impressions and positive emotions. Croatia, France, Italy, Greece, exotic Seychelles, Canaries and the Caribbean – choose any water area for your trip. We will ensure your vacation on the yacht with comfort and safety!

Yacht Event 
An exciting vortex of emotions and new experiences! Coherence of teamwork, striving for a goal and the joy of victory. You are taking a step into a new world, where the main qualities are courage and leadership, interaction and willingness to help, gambling and ambition. The main thing is that everything really opens up on board the yacht, because yachting takes off our masks and teaches us something new. Our corporate programs.