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Sailing courses for beginners and professionals BBYachting

Beginner. Inshore
Beginner. Inshore
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Sailing courses for beginners and professionals

Yacht management courses using the distance learning course “Theoretical Fundamentals of Yachting”. How to become a skipper and manage a sailing and motor yacht yourself.” The author of the course is skipper with more than 30 years of sailing experience Bogdan Brodowski. Study yacht management courses from anywhere in the world! We offer online distance learning in yachting in the form of webinars.

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Online yacht management courses are becoming an increasingly popular type of training, so BB Yachting offers its students a new online distance learning form. In the comfort of your home (or at work), you can listen to Bogdan Brodovsky’s author’s course “Theoretical Fundamentals of Yachting. How to become a skipper, manage a sailing and motor yacht yourself.”

Book “Skipper. A yachtsman’s guide” as a gift.

Sailing courses for beginners and professionals – benefits:

  • Full interactive. In online lectures on yachting, you not only listen to 10 lessons, but actively participate in the process: discuss, clarify unclear points, ask questions. Live communication with the teacher and with all participants throughout all 10 classes.
  • Saving time and money. Online yacht management courses last 2 hours from 19:00 to 21:00 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). And you spend this time only on training, you do not need to waste time and money on travel.
    Better and more efficient learning of the material. Before and after each lesson, you receive educational materials: presentations, slides, videos, as well as access to a recording of the completed on-line yachting lesson, which you can always repeat at a time convenient for you. The provided multimedia educational materials are varied and interesting, which increases the effectiveness of lesson learning.
  • Access from anywhere in the world. Even if you are sick or you urgently need to leave, you will not miss class. You can always listen to the yachting lesson you need online.
  • Comfortable and convenient learning environment. You can study at home, in your favorite cafe, at work, or on the way home. You can study anywhere where there is Internet.
    Before each lesson, training materials are sent by email.

IMPORTANTLY! These are not video lessons.

Sailing courses for beginners and professionals are live communication with the teacher and all participants of this course.