Scandinavian fjords on a yacht, Sweden


  • Date,7 days: August, September 2021
  • Price:  995,00 € - place in the cabin, 1990 euro - cabin
  • Route: Stockholm - Grinda - Finnhamn - Sandhamn - Dalar - Saltsöbaden - Gåshaga Marina - Stockholm
  • Yacht: Dufour 460 2017, Cabins: 4 WC/Shower: 4 Length: 14.15 m

Sweden has an unusual coastline with its fjords, numerous islands and quaint fishing villages. When you use a yacht charter, you will be amazed at the several marinas that you can find along the shore. These marinas are modern and equipped with all amenities to make your Swedish sailing holiday a cherished and unforgettable memory. You will find that the majority of Swedish yacht charters are in and around Göteberg and Stockholm; and from these cities, you can sail not just along the fjords but can also head to the high seas for an adventurous trip

Sweden - is 30 000 islands, rounded by the waters of the Baltic Sea, stretching for tens of kilometers, resembling cute turtles, dormant on the surface of the Baltic Sea ....

Route *
* The Route may vary depending on the weather conditions and the wishes of the crew


Stockholm - Grinda - Finnhamn - Sandhamn - Dalar - Saltsöbaden - Gåshaga Marina - Stockholm

 Day 1:  Arrival in Stockholm, transfer to the Marina of Gåshaga. Purchase of products, check-in a yacht.

Vaxholms fästning, Vaxholms kastell, Vaxholm, Sverige СтокгольмDay 2: Grinda – Mooring lines and greeting harbor crew. Also possible to sway mooring in the bay south of the guest harbor. When ashore there is a casual restaurant and bar down in the harbor, where you also find WC and showers. There is a more fancy restaurant and bar on the hill. In the small village there is a food store and a bakery with a cafe.

Gästhamn Grinda Stockholms skärgårdDay 2: Finnhamn – In Finnhamn there are some different mooring balls. You can also sway anchor in the ’lagoon’ West of the indicated mooring space.


Day 3: Sandhamn – Sandhamn is a famous sailing spot. There are many restaurants, shops, bakeries, and a lot to see. There is also a beach called Trouville on the southeast part of the island.


Day 5: Dalarö – Dalarö is connected with a bridge to the mainland. Multiple restaurants and shops.


Dalarö 1Day 6: Saltsjöbaden – Saltsjöbaden is not far from Stockholm city by car. There is also a commuter train close from the marina to Stockholm city.

saltsjöbaden2Day 7: Gåshaga Marina


Included in cost:
• Yacht rental;
• services of the Russian/English/Polish -speaking skipper, guide;
• gas, a full set of dishes;
• the first and last night in the port;
• cleaning after the cruise;
• tourist tax and local fees;
Additional paid:
• air flight to/from Stokogolm;
• a refundable deposit of EUR 5,000 or deposit insurance of EUR 500;
• a / e-marina-a / e transfer - 45 Euro per person.
• insurance of a sports class;
• additional options on the yacht (outboard motor, Wi Fi - 49 euro a week,);
• expenses during the cruise (food, fuel, entry fees to marinas, souvenirs, entry to national parks and reserves) - 150 euro per person per week
• fishing rods, SUB from 15 euros to knocking, kayak - 120 euros per week

Description of yacht

Dufour 460 Grand  2017,  Cabins: 4 (8+2) WC/ shower: 4  Length: 14.15 m

Дуфор2 Дуфор1 Дуфор







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