Rest on the yacht


Rest on the yacht


Yacht club “BB Yachting” brings together both professionals and amateurs, teaches beginners all the basics of yacht management and arranges participation in various yacht trips.

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Do you like to travel? Do you like to explore new places in the pleasant company? Then we recommend going to the yacht trip that will give you an unforgettable experience and a lot of positive emotions. Croatia, France, Italy, Greece, the Canaries and exotic Caribbean – choose any waters for your trip.

Boat agency “BB Yachting” is one of the leading tour operators. The success of our yacht club is due to high skill of employees who are passionate about their work. Partners appreciate the reliability and professionalism of “BB Yachting”, and the participants – good service, responsibility and hospitality.

In that case, if you choose the first yacht trip and do not know where you should start, then we are ready to help you. Travel on yachts has always attracted adventurers and romantics, but not many even dare such a thing.

Boat agency “BB Yachting” – is the best choice!



First time on a yacht?

[accordion title=”Motor or sailing yacht?” visible=”yes”]

All modern sailing yacht, designed for tourism, have the engine and the suspension (auxiliary) motor to maneuver in the port and traffic, in the absence of wind. Sailing yacht always has a few comfortable cabins (the number depends on the size of the vessel) and bathrooms. Designed for long crossings. The main parts of a yacht hull and is rigged, it is not difficult to manage.

Motor yacht – a real houseboat, equipped with a powerful engine, thus can develop tremendous speed. The length of this boat is at least 10 m. The motor yachts and has several cabins and a separate bathroom.

[accordion title=”What equipment is there on a yacht?”]

Sailing yacht always equipped with safety equipment, navigation equipment, and additional.

The safety equipment includes: life raft, life jackets, safety harnesses, lifeline radio DSC-VHF, Floating light, flares, flashlight, first aid kit, Emergency tiller, Fire extinguishers, boatswain’s chair, Navigation lights, storm-ladder.

The navigation equipment includes: GPS, autopilot, Plotter, navigation maps on CD, Echo / depth sounder, log, wind indicator, main and reserve compasses, navigation charts, Pilot book, Clock, Barometer, Binoculars, Hand bearing compass, QNC Flags, List of lights.

Additional equipment: MP3 / CD-player, Dinghy, Electric windlass, hot water, electric fridge, Sun awning, electric and manual bilge pump, Battery charger + wire, 12 volt socket, 220 volt socket, Swimming ladder into the sea, gangway, boat hook, Deck shower, Galley equipment, Gas stove with oven, Gas bottle, Tools for small marine works, tools for repairing sails, fenders, anchor and 30-50-meter chain, spare anchor, mooring and spare ropes ship license.


[accordion title=”Can I take a child with me?”]

The child, regardless of age, is a full member of the crew! Accordingly, all of the existing maritime laws are applicable to him. If you take with you on yacht young children, be sure to order a special safety net that stretched around the perimeter of the ship.

And don’t doubt, your child will receive a great pleasure and a lot of impressions from the trip!

[accordion title=”Motion sickness”]

Very few people in the world suffer from seasickness. What we used to call seasickness is often a consequence of our lack of preparation of the vestibular apparatus to the new conditions. Usually within 1 to 2 days on a yacht organism adapts to roll. Illness or unpleasant symptoms recede if focus on some activity: wear the watch at the helm, help crew members, and spend more time on the upper deck. If you become ill, take a folk remedy “two fingers in his mouth.” Better not to go down into the cabin – it will only get worse. There is a counter drugs from seasickness. They are best taken two hours before bedtime or before weather worsening.

[accordion title=”Is there Internet on a yacht?”]

In order to have the yacht Internet access, you need a modem. On the beach you can always take advantage of Wi-Fi.  In Croatia rent of WI-FI and GPS tablet costs 35 euros / week

[accordion title=”What are the additional costs?”]

You can stock up on groceries in the marina (port) where you rent a yacht. As a rule, in all marina shops or supermarkets. In addition, when leaving the city you will certainly be able to make purchases in local shops and markets.

Water and food should take into account a number of people on board, the length of the route, and storage capabilities. Refrigerators on board are not very bulky, so stock up on perishable products is not recommended. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not stored for a long time, replenish stocks in each new port. It should be noted that in practice always come to the rescue canned food, pasta and sauces to them.

On a yacht equipped kitchen as well as at home. There are all necessary equipment and utensils so you can cook whatever you wish.

It is important to consider the following: in the marina, where you come, there may not be space. It depends on the number of mooring places, the season and the time of arrival. In this case, you will have to be anchored … So, the supply of provisions, and consider such options. At sea, everything is possible!

Traditional breakfasts are on a yacht, but for dinner there is a wide choice – because the city has many taverns and restaurants, where most of the night with live music.

Even in the summer in the sea, you will need warm and waterproof items. Of course, you need bathing suits, shorts, T-shirts with short and long sleeves, long pants. You can bring your evening dress for special occasions or dinners in restaurants. Do not forget to take an anti-sunburn, sunglasses and a hat.

All sailing boats are equipped with CD / MP3 player. Prepare your favorite discs and do not forget your camera or camcorder. And after traveling send us your photos. And your best pictures we will post on our website.

We need to take a charger for mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices that you take a trip.

During the stay in marinas you can use chargers running from a network of 220 V. During transitions and parking anchored use chargers from the power of 12 V. On the deck of the yacht people usually walk in shoes with white rubber soles.

Not take too big baggage, use a compact bag, because storage space on a yacht is restricted.

[accordion title=”Deposit – what is it?”]

Security deposit – a private client money, given to the owner of the boat (charter company) as collateral for it.

In case of damage to the yacht tenant deposit finally passes owner as compensation. The size of the deposit depends on the value of the boat (Sum ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 euros). Making money is made in cash or through a bank card.

Getting the boat should be inspected for damage housing, serviceability of equipment and availability of all equipment. When returning the yacht charter company manager also inspects it. In case of damage or loss of the ship equipment company holds the appropriate amount from the deposit, the rest of the money is returned to the client.

To ensure safety deposit BB Yachting offers before the trip to insure the deposit amount. BB Yachting is working with a German insurance company Schomacker.

[accordion title=”Can I give back a yacht at another port?”]

Yes it is possible. But it will cost more

[accordion title=”Can I make my route?”]

Of course, you can plan your route based on your preferences.

The main advice that we want to give you – it’s not too difficult to plan the route. In theory, everything can be great, but in practice your route will undergo influenced by many factors (primarily, of course the weather, and personal preference may vary).

In general, it is recommended not more than about 6 – 8 hours of sailing a day – yes, and it may be too difficult for you. So try to create a flexible schedule, which will include alternative ways of taking into account the situation on the sea, and figured out the most effective way to the marina in the event of a storm warning.






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