Sea Survival course


Sea Survival course

The sea survival course is useful to those who rest on sailing, motor yachts, cruise liners, participate in races or go to transatlantic sailing on small or large ships.

Course objective: to provide the necessary skills and knowledge that increase the chances of survival in water or life rafts; familiarize with the latest personal equipment and equipment for the safety of the vessel and its most efficient use; discuss strategies for preventing and overcoming sea incidents.

Cruise is one of the safest sports activities for leisure, and 99% of those who go to sea will never use their life raft. However, if you are part of an unsuccessful 1%, your chances of survival will be greatly increased if you understand how to deal with emergencies, use rescue equipment, and help yourself and others.

It is well-proven that in the event of an emergency in the sea, people who have completed training will survive with greater probability.

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Course topics:

  • life rafts and equipment they contain
  • Survival methods
  • design of life jackets
  • Medical aspects of the survival of the sea
  • search and rescue methods

The course consists of two parts: theory and practice. It lasts for 2 days.

  1. Theoretical part: first aid and medical aspects of survival at sea. You will learn to render first aid, to do artificial respiration, to make bandages, to call for help, learn how rescue operations are carried out, etc. Duration 3 hours, in the office.
  2. Practical part passes in the pool. You will feel the problems of entering the life raft without help and with the help of others, in real life and in a life jacket. Find out how Spinlock’s life jacket works, pyrotechnics, etc. Duration – 2 hours, in the pool.

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The course is led by Bogdan Brodowski and licensed instructor at ISSA. The training takes place in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

All graduates of the course will receive an international certificate of ISSA Sea Survival.

The group is 10 people.

The cost of a two-day course is 320 euros per person.

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