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More boats Qualities

No compromise in quality. Luxury. Safety.

Besides high quality materials we at More Boats bring the technologies we use on a higher level. Technologies used to build More 55  and More 40 were chosen because they allow the usage of less epoxy based vinyl ester for more firmness and light weight. Stainless steel frame is also another quality specific for a More boat.

We have implemented various additional smart solutions for easy handling and maintenance such as a rudder system available from the deck, anchor winch and genoa furler available through the skipper’s cabin, lifting oven, easy entrance to aft compartment, spacious engine room, level sensor of black tank attached from outside, sea-cooks from thermoplastic and many other great solutions for easy living on board.



Beauty. Originality. Function.

Our design studio team led by Maurizio Cossutti guarantees that all our boats will have breath taking and modern design that only Italians can make, together with impeccable sense for boats, sailing and speed that Maurizio was born with. You cannot learn that, you can only live it. His and our passion for boats, for sailing, for creating something new and exciting brought us together in a mission to create modern, fast and comfortable cruising racers.

Together with our engineering team led by Mr. Leo Curin we implement on each yacht we build our main drives:

  • Sportive and light hull design with long water line
  • Strong and safe sailing yacht
  • Easy handling in sailing
  • Comfort inside of the boat
  • Modern interior design

And what better way to describe More 55 than to listen to the words of Mr. Cossutti:

"When we started discussing new More boats with Milan, Silvia, Einar and Leo, at the end of dinner Alessandro my partner and myself were both thrilled and scared about the time schedule for the new More 55... Less than 2 years later not only several 55s are successfully sailing, but 2 new yards have been established, and the new More 40 is under construction, so not only initial expectations were reached but exceeded.

One of the reasons of this success in my opinion, is that we had few but extremely clear milestones: main dimensions, boat character, internal layout requirements, and of course our best effort in marrying performances plus a bit of external Italian design with the need of proper spaces and volumes for cruising and charter. Another key point is the strict collaboration with Pulse design team, responsible for internal design, detailed engineering, and precious link with production to see what we have conceived and seen on paper and computer screens, translated in reality.

We are proud of the results, More 55 is a great sailing machine, all people that have sailed both for cruising or racing really enjoyed time spent with her on the water, and is the best reward for the work of all the team, and now impatient to see the new More 40 touch the water and sail in wonderful Croatian waters."


Innovation. Evolution. Perfection.

Our shipbuilding concept is based on light and strong construction.

Hull and structure of the boat is made of the highest standard and best materials. An optimal strength/weight ratio is achieved by using multi axial, unidirectional E-glass fibers and carbon reinforced inner liners, side longitudinal.

Hull and deck are made in vacuum infused epoxy based vinyl ester with a huge stainless steel frame under the floor that strengthens the boat by taking all the loads from keel and keel stepped mast too. GRP frames are laminated and glued, all bulkheads are laminated to deck and hull. All of this makes the boat very stiff and gives a great structure resistance against torsions.


We create boats for you. We make your dreams of sailing a perfect boat true, and we are there for you all the lifetime of your boat. We are on your disposal from the moment you get in love with our yacht untill the moment you will not have it any more for any reason. And we want you to be happy all along that journey. Our success is measurable with happiness of our owners when they buy the yacht, when they use it and at the end sell it.

We will not forget you once you buy the boat. That is only a begining of a beautiful journey that we are going on together.

Our Story & Mission

Beginning. Development. Future.

Love and passion for boats and sailing made us start a charter business with two small boats 15 years ago. This same passion led us to start building our first sailing yacht 15 years later. All those years we were in constant search for the perfect yacht that would suit all our needs.

A yacht that would be modern and fast, with excellent sailing performance, but on the other hand also comfortable for leisure sailing with family and friends. A yacht made from high quality long lasting material, with a strong but light hull, high quality durable interior and last but not least at a good price. After a lot of years of searching, we have decided to finally make it.

The first boat we have built for us and we only want the best for us. Now we build boats for you with the same spirit and attitude. Our mission is to design and build innovative sailing yachts of excellent quality. We want to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, comfort, performance, reliability, resale value and after sales service. There is no compromising on quality. We make your dreams of sailing true.

Sail the world with us!лого