The most desired place of the world for vacation. Islands of Thailand


  • Date: January 9 – 16, 2021
  • Route:  Koh Chang – Koh Wai – Koh Rang – Koh Mak – Koh Kut - Islands of Koh Lau – Koh Chang
  • Yacht: catamaran Lagoon 400, cabins: 4, berth: 8, WC: 4
  • Price: 1120 EUR/per.


The Koh Chang Islands are very unique for a holiday in Thailand in the sense that so far they have not yet been equipped by human. Generous vegetation, wildlife, abundance of marine fauna and the most picturesque beaches are located along the western coast of the island.


This area has historical significance. Located in the Siames gulf and bordering Cambodia. It is rich in historical events: Japanese occupation during the Second World War, the battle between the Thai and French fleets, the French occupation of Indochina or Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

 It is still influenced by antiquity Chinese merchants, and old stories about pirates seem like flying in the air. In addition, in places where the ships of the Royal Navy of Thailand sank, special buoys were installed.



* The route may vary depending on weather conditions and the wishes of the crew.


Day 1. Koh Chang or Island of Elephant, the second largest island of the kingdom (after Phuket), is part of the Mu Koh Chang National Park, which includes an archipelago of 52 islands that combine the embalmed tropical climate with the wonderful temperament of the Thais.

If scuba diving is your business, then you will find a rich water world with diverse wildlife and live coral reefs.


Besides to swimming and sunbathing there is possibility of trekking through the tropical jungle in the heart of the island. Or a trip riding an elephant: on the way you will see wild boars, Javanese mongooses, Muntjack deer and more than 60 different species of birds.


Day 2. Koh Wai Island.

The island attracts those who seek secluded relaxation: there are two sun-drenched deserted beaches, a hut and a bungalow.


Shallow coastal reefs are suitable for lovers of diving with a snorkel and mask. Great fishing here.


Day 3. Koh Rang National Marine Park.

This place has crystal clear water with plenty of fish and corals protected by the Marine Park. Here you can see amazing underwater rock formations.


A long white beach, located on the southeast coastline obscure the trees, under which you can hide from the afternoon burning sun.

koh rang

Day 4. Koh Mak Island.

Even if this island only 16 km2 in size, its natural beauty is winning compare with any big island. Koh Mak is framed on all sides by sandy beaches. Perfect romantic place.


The whole island is covered by plantations of rubber and coconut. Since there are no mountains and rocks, this makes it a good place to walk on a bike or motorcycle.

While climbing up on a only single hill you will see a stunning view of the bay and the neighboring island Koh Kham.


And on the eastern side of the island there are many underwater caves with interesting inhabitants.

Day 5. Ko Kut Island.

Between the island Koh Mai Si Lek and the northern part of Koh Kuta is located small private island whose population - the monks who extract the local honey.

koh kut

Koh Kut is the least developed of the inhabited islands what is a rare find. Waterfalls and small rivers make it even more attractive. While climbing up the river you can see the wonderful waterfall Namtok Khlong Chao with a pool in the lower part. You can take a dip in the refreshing cool water and let the falls massage your shoulders or dip your feet in the pool for the fish to nibble at your toes.


Day 6. Exploring the Smaller Islands of Koh Lao.

Exploring the smaller islands of the Koh Lao group, Koh Ngam, Koh Maisi Lek, Koh Maisi Yai and Koh Bai Dang is for the more adventurous as there are no amenities at any of these islands.


Around these islands there is good fishing for grouper. Time permitting you can island hop and stay overnight at the island which gives the most protection from any prevailing winds and swell.


Day 7. Island Koh Chang.

Arriving at the base. Delivery of the yacht. Way home.




Included in price:

  • rent of catamaran;
  • skipper;
  • gas, full set of dishes;
  • first and last night in port.

Additional charge:

  • flight;
  • transfer (around 5-20 eur/per.);
  • sports class insurance - 5-10 eur/per.;
  • security deposit;
  • team expenses: additional options on the yacht (outboard engine, fuel, entrance to marinas, cleaning after the cruise);
  • expenses during the cruise (food, souvenirs, entrance to national parks and reserves).



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