In the wake of Bonaparte: yachting trip to Elba and Corsica

  • Dates, 7 days: every saturday from may to september 2021
  • Piombino (Italy) – Portoferaio (Elba) - island Capraia - Bastia (Corsica) - Porto Azzuro (Elba) - Piombino (Italy)
  • Yacht: Sun Odyssey 45.  Lenghs: 13,72 м, Width: 4,37 м, Cabin: 4 , Seats:8+2, WC: 2
  • From 800 еuros/person, 1575 еuros/cabin

The Tuscan Archipelago, Elba, Corsica, Montecristo Island - "Napoleon was here", and we will soon be there. We are waiting for a week trip on a sailing yacht to the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean, covered with the legend of the great emperor, who almost conquered Europe. We set out on a yacht tour following the tracks of Bonaparte: we went, together, more fun!


*The route may vary depending on the weather conditions and the wishes of the crew

Piombino (Italy) – Portoferaio (Elba) - island Capraia - Bastia (Corsica) - Porto Azzuro (Elba) - Piombino (Italy)

Эльба И Корсика

  • Day 1  Arrival in Italy, Pisa or Rome, transfer to Piombino.
  • Day 2. Piombino – Portoferaio. Crossing to Elba, 14 miles, 3 h
  • Day 3. Crossing to Corsica, city Bastia, 45 miles, 9 h.
  • Day 4 Explore Corsica.
  • Day 5 Crossing to Elba, 40 miles, 8 h.
  • Day 6 Crossing along the Elba coast , relax, 15 miles, 3 h
  • Day 7 Return to the home marina.  Delivery yacht. 14 miles, 3 h.

Day 1.  Meeting with the crew in the Piombino marina, receiving a yacht, purchasing food and planning an early morning journey on a yacht in the direction of Elba.



Day 2. Piombino - Portoferaio. We are going to the incredible island of Elba. After lunch, we arrive at the main port of the island - Portoferraio. This is a small town that is full of numerous untouched historical and natural objects.
The list of must-see places is the residence of Napoleon Bonaparte, the archaeological museum of Linguella, Pinacoteca Foresiana, the fantastic church of Chiesa della Misericordia and the fortresses of Stella and Falcone.


Day 3. Portoferaio - Capraia Island. Corsica, the city of Bastia.
We leave for Corsica, make a stop on the island of Capraia. The history of the island begins more than 10 million years ago, which arose as a result of a double eruption of a volcano.
There are also many places of historical interest: the Port Tower, the church of Santo Stefano, the Church of the Assumption, the church of San Nicola, the church and monastery of San Antonio, the fort of San Giorgio, as well as many grottoes, natural arches and parks.



After a short stop on the island of Capraia, we are heading for the central city of Corsica - Bastia, which is classified as the “City of Art and History” in France and is the main port of Corsica.
The city’s hallmark is the 14th century palace of the governor, the citadel, and the baroque church of Oratuar-Saint-Croix.


Day 4. We dedicate this day to traveling on a yacht in Corsica - a tranquil French island with a light and unforced atmosphere and unique nature.
Here was born the most famous Corsican - Napoleon Bonaparte. In the house of Napoleon is now a museum, which presents portraits, family documents, antique furniture and personal belongings of the family.



Day 5. The transition to the southern coast of Elba Island, known for its picturesque rocky bays, which are unique multi-colored sand and pebble beaches.


Day 6. On this day, we will explore the southern coast of Elbi, visit the most popular yacht center on the Tuscan archipelago - Porto Azzuro, which is famous for its clean beaches and coves. We will be able to safely moor our yacht, and go for a walk along the embankment or visit an excursion to the defensive fort of Fort Longone.



Day 7. Return to the home marina

Return to the marina start. Free evening in the city.

Start: Piombino, Italy

Yacht model:  Sun Odyssey 45.  Lenghs: 13,72 м, Width: 4,37 м, Cabins: 4 , Seats:8+2, WC: 2


Price per person, еuro800850890900
Cabin, еuro1575167017651780

The price includes:

  • rent a place on a yacht
  • services of a Russian skipper
  • the first and last night in the port

Additional paid:

  • air flight from 395 еuros/person (better book in advance);
  • transfer 5-30 еuros/person (airport-marine-аirport);
  • visa 60 еuros/person;
  • sports class insurance - 5-8 euros / person
  • ship сashbox 150 euro / person (parking in marinas, food, fuel, tourist tax);
  • Comfort package: cleaning, bed linen and towels, dinghy with outboard motor, Internet on board - 300 euro / team (payable locally);
  • deposit 2500 евро/team (paid on the spot before the cruise, after the cruise the amount is refunded)



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