Limoncello, Margarita and the Phlegrean Fields

Bay of Naples

  • Date (7 days): every Saturday 2021
  • Route: Naples - Pozzuoli - Procida - Ischia - Capri - Sorrento - Pompeii - Naples 
  • Yacht: Dufour 460 (2018), cabins 4, seats: 8 (8+2), WC: 4 (4)
  • Cost: 850 euro / person, 1700 euro / cabin

Tour program:

Naples - Pozzuoli - Procida - Ischia - Capri - Sorrento - Pompei - Naples


Day 1. Arrival in Naples, transfer to the marina (30 min.), yacht reception, purchase of products,
Day 2. Exit to the sea 11 miles, 2 h.
Day 3. Procida - Ischia, crossing 9 miles, 2 hours parking in the marina
Day 4. Ischia – Capri, crossing 18 miles, 3.5 h.
Day 5. Capri - Sorrento, crossing 8 miles, 1.5 h.
Day 6. Sorrento-Pompeii, crossing 8 miles, 1.5 h.
Day 7. Pompeii – Naples, the transition of 9 miles, 1.5 h.
Day 8. Return to the marina, sailing the yacht, moving to Naples (airport)
routeThe Route may vary depending on the weather conditions and the wishes of the crew


Day 1. Naples. Arrival to Naples, transfer to the marina (30 min.), Yacht reception, purchase of products. Our yachting trip we will start from Naples and stop for an overnight stay in Pozzuoli. Be sure to try Margarita - after all, Naples is the birthplace of this delicious pizza.

Яхтинг в Италии

Day 2-3. Exit to the sea crossing 11 miles, 2 hours Prochida-Ischia, crossing 9 miles, 2 hours parking in the marina. Procida is the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples. His business card is the small fishing town of Coricella.

Яхтенное путишествие в Италию

Ischia - is an island, where the healing effect of hot thermal springs, sea water and a wonderful Mediterranean climate are harmoniously combined. An unusually picturesque unique medical resort with a lot of thermal springs of volcanic origin and therapeutic mud. Here is the castle of D'Avalos or the Aragonese castle, which was a prison until 1986, and therefore the island was closed to tourists. Thanks to this, the island managed to preserve the unique flora and fauna.

Отдых на яхте в Италии

Day 4. Ischia - Capri, 18 miles, 3.5 h. All the islands of the Bay of Naples are of volcanic origin, and only Capri is formed by the limestone rock, which gave Capri today the relief and differences: the rocks of Faraglioni, which protrude from the sea for 100 meters. Near the rocks people make wishes, they certainly come true. We will visit the Blue Grotto, we will see the amazing color of the water when the sunlight penetrates into the caves. Capri is home to limoncello, the second most popular drink in Italy after the liqueur of Campari.


Day 5. Capri - Sorrento, the transition of 8 miles, 1.5 hours. Luxurious sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes, harmony and tranquility, a magnificent two-headed cone of the volcano Vesuvius.


Day 6. Sorrento - Pompeii crossing 8 miles, 1.5 hours. We will make the transition to the past of Italy, Pompeii. During the eruption of Vesuvius, the city was buried under a multi-meter layer of.

Day 7. Pompeii - Naples - the transition of 9 miles, 1.5 hours. We return from the city of Pompeii to the already familiar to us Naples. But in this city we can come back again and again. This time we will try to discover the city even better.


Day 8. Returning the yacht, transfer to Naples (airport).


  •  Start - Finish: Naples / Italy
  • Yacht: Dufour 460 (2018),  Cabins 4, Seats: 8 (8+2), WC: 4 (4)
  • Cost: 850 euros/person, 1700 euro/cabin

Included in cost:

  • yacht rental;
  • services of the Russian-speaking skipper;
  • gas, a full set of dishes;
  • the first and last night in the port;

Additional paid: 


  • air flight Kiev - Naples - Kiev from 400 euros / person;
  • transfer of a / e-marina-a / e-from 15-50 euros;
  • insurance of a sports class - 5-10 euros;
  • bed linen + towel - 20 euros;

Command expense:

  • food, fuel, parking in marinas (150-200 euros per person);
  • cleaning - 180 euros;

Insurance of the yacht - 3800 euros (returned after the cruise, cash or with a Visa, MasterCard)

Outboard motor - 120 euro (command consumption)


  • Italian visa 55 euro (if necessary)





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