Yachting in Seychelles

Paradise on earth exists, and we will show you!

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Yachting in Seychelles

Mass tourism remains elusive on this small archipelago and the government does not intend to bend the trend and take a huge number of people every day. The archipelago was opened for yachting only 8 years ago. The distance from Europe is a major obstacle. Only a few companies have their base in the Seychelles, and regularly carry out charters. BB Yachting organizes entertainment cruises of 10 and 15-meter catamarans and sailing yachts. On the island Praslin only one company has its own marina with a few floating pontoon in the bay Anne bay. On the shore are located new office buildings, a shop, a repair shop, a bar and a small restaurant, which provides high-quality service in addition to a new fleet, which consists of a brand new sailing yachts and catamarans. Marina is very easy to get to nearby islands, starting with Aride and ending with Grande Soeur. The distance between the islands is never more than 10 miles.


As in all tropical waters, here you will find a unique opportunity to meet a huge variety of fish of all shapes and colors. More than 150 species of fish can be found in the Seychelles, to the delight of fishermen and divers.

FullSizeRender (24) (1)In the deep waters between the Seychelles you can find numerous flock of dolphins where fishermen-enthusiasts can sometimes catch a marlin and fish - sword, weighing more than 100 kg, but the shark and barracuda can also fall for the bait. Fortunately, these carnivores are very rare, especially in shallow bays where swimming is relatively safe.

No cases of shark attacks have been reported in the waters of Seychelles. However, swimming in the dark water far from shore is not recommended.

Giant tortoises 

Seychelles turtle - a giant tortoise (Megalochelys gigantea), a very rare species of tortoises. Endemic to the island of Aldabra (population reached about 150 thousand). Some giant tortoises in captivity survived up to 150 years. They feed on dwarf island vegetation. They live in open areas with herbage, shrubs, and individual trees. The length of the carapace (a part of the animal's shell, the solid shield, which covers the body from the top) reaches one and a half meters.

IMAG1142 (1)

There are legends in the Seychelles that some Advaita, that was taken out to India, lived almost 250 years. On the island Berd lives the oldest tortoise of the Seychelles Esmeralda, whose age is approaching 200 years and a weight (304 kg) recorded in the Guinness Book of world records. Seychelles turtles were virtually destroyed by pirates. Pets enjoyed incredible demand among sailors as a food source, and their shells were on the ridges.

The palm tree Coco de Mer

Coco-de-mer ("sea coconut") is one of the rarest phenomena of terrestrial nature, which apparently only because of ignorance of historians of antiquity was not included in the list of world wonders. The maturation of nuts takes about seven years, and in the "adult" state they weigh up to 40 kilograms. That's why when marching along the path, involuntarily glancing up: Do not break this "bomb" on the head? It is possible to understand and night watchmen reserve that bypass their possessions in a sturdy metal helmet. It is difficult to say whether it will help, but during the day, experts say, walk in the nature reserve is not dangerous: nuts ripen and fall to the ground only at night.

IMAG0190The homeland of this wonder of nature - the island Praslin, one of the ridges of granite blocks, that form the basis of the Seychelles archipelago. The island is small by itself. Its area is only slightly more than 4000 hectares. But 16 hectares of the May valley with the growing on them 4 thousand palms coco-de-mer created the worldwide fame for island. 

Even in ancient times, long before they were discovered these godforsaken islands, twin coconuts were known to inhabitants of lands, surrounding the bowl of the Indian ocean. To the shores of Ceylon, India, Maldives and even Malaysia occasionally by ocean waves nailed these unknown fruits, the origin of which was attributed to the divine will. People thought that these nuts have miraculous powers and grow in some "paradise bushes" on the bottom of the oceanHence, in particular, gave them the nameoco-de-mer", which means "sea coconut". They literally valued their weight in goldThe legend says that king Rudolf II Habsburg tried to buy the nut from the heirs of a Dutch admiral of 4000 gold florins, but without success. Admiral got coco-de-mer as a ransom paid to him by the Sultan of Bantam for the return of the captured earlier by the Dutch city.

Praslin Island is less than 40 kilometers from Mahé - the main island of the Seychelles archipelago, and to get there from Victoria, the capital of this island republic, is not so difficult.

May valley and the Kingdom of Coco-de-Mer on Praslin, located in it is a state reserve, and its riches are carefully protected. Nuts Coco-de-Mer, or rather their shells, subjected to appropriate processing and polishing, is used to make souvenirs that are in high demand among tourists. However, this souvenir is worth a lot: 500 rupees, or about $ 80.


Large Islands of the archipelago and the surrounding sea bottom composed mostly of granite rocks, while smallusually coral. From here - unique underwater scenery of the Seychelles archipelago. Underwater visibility usually exceeds 30 metres and the water temperature keeps on a mark +26...+38 °C. Not surprising that in the Seychelles held SUBIOS - an annual festival of films, shot under water in the Indian Ocean.


Minimum flow, abundance of fish, colorful corals and a good chance to see big ocean inhabitants such as rays, turtles and white shark - all this makes the Seychelles a first class region for diving. The best time for diving on most islands is from April to may and September to October.


The underwater world of the Seychelles has over 900 fish species, 100 kinds of shells and 50 varieties of corals.

Aldabra island is the best place for diving and the dream of all divers. However, it is brought in UNESCO World Heritage List and to visit it requires a special permit.

Other popular "diving" areas: Malgache Bank, Recife Island and the Dragon's Teeth. Many people really like camping for the whole day from  Mahe to Silhouette island. During this day you can have time to do a couple of dives and have a wonderful barbecue on the island. Near the island of La Digue is located "Marianne" - the most famous "shark place." On Praslin the day you can dive into the not disturbed, rarely visited places Biter Rock, Blanchiseusse and Trompeuse Rocks.

Praslin Island

Praslin Island is located 36 km from the capital of Seychelles Victoria. Territory is 26 sq.km. This island is the second largest in the archipelago in size (11 km long and 4 km wide). The island is home to about 5,000 people. To the Praslin island  from Mahe Island can be reached within 15 minutes by plane or 2.5 hours - on a boat.

Praslin is perhaps the most beautiful island of the Seychelles. It is called the "Garden of Eden". Surrounded by a coral reef, Praslin is the only place on earth with the "sea coconut" grove. Relief of Praslin (while the highest peak reaches only 330 meters) is less mountainous than on the island of Mahe. The mountains here are flat and slightly sloping to the shoreline. Praslin is composed of granite-like formations surrounding beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. There are no big waves because of the coral reef surrounding the island. Magnificent bays and beaches interleave with smaller bays; thus, at the height of the tourist season, you will get a feeling of loneliness and solitude.

In general, Praslin, with its network of paths and beautiful roads, is perfect for hiking. This island is so small that you need less than an hour to cross it wide. But if you prefer to travel by car, you have to rent it in advance, as the number of local vehicles is limited, especially during the high season.

Two car rental stations are located on Praslin Island in the Bay of Grand Ance and in the Bay of St. Anne. Opposite the airport there is a taxi station, where there are about twenty cars. Order them by phone directly from the airport or from most hotels. The cost of travel on the island is slightly increased at night. You can take a bus from 5.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the four main roads of the island. There is a special run on Sundays: shuttle bus to both directions, crossing the Vallée de Mai. You can also rent a bicycle or a small boat.

In addition to the many kilometers of beaches Praslin is famous for its wildlife and nature. To get a better feeling of the beauty of the Seychelles, visit the Vallée de Mai National Park, where the jungles look the same as a thousand years ago, and many species of flora and fauna are unique. It is easily accessible by any means of transport. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Entrance fee is 50 SR.

Vallée de Mai National Park includes more than 7,000 unique palm trees with a nut "Coco De Mer" (its fruit has an unusual shape) and there lives a rare black parrot. In addition, only here live 2 rare birds - blue-pigeon and bulbul.

Praslin wakes up not earlier than at the end of April, when the local holidays begin. They are accompanied by an orchestra, the music of the good old French days. In the evening there comes a time of great African dance - mutya. Help yourself with bananas fried in its leaves from the Boudin Bay.

FullSizeRender (15)Then Praslin becomes quiet and calm ... It is a place where the word "beauty" is inseparable from the word "serenity". The first settlers were not disappointed, after having settled here and called the island the Isle of Palms and the "Garden of Eden". Therefore, the earth generously gives its fruits to his descendants: fabulous mango, banana and extraordinary legendary "Coco de Mer" (sea coconut).

RIMAG0177ead more details about our tour here:

  • Start: Praslin
  • Date: January 1-7, 2017 and January 7-14, 2017
  • Cost: 1,200 EUR/person, 2,250 EUR/cabin
  • Catamaran Lagoon 380-400 (2014)
  • Seats: 8
  • WC: 2

Price includes:  rent of catamaran; local taxes; transit; skipper's services; comfort package.

Price does not include: international air travel - from 800 EUR/person; domestic air travel (or a ticket to a high-speed catamaran) 60 - 100 EUR/person; ticket office of a ship - 100-200 EUR/person; Sport Class insurance - 10 EUR; deductible deposit insurance - 650 EUR (command fee; it is returned after the cruise); entrance fees to National Parks and souvenirs (10-25 EUR).

Diving and fishing are charged separately. Pre-order.

Tour program*

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  1. Day 1: Praslin island
  2. Day 2: La Digue island
  3. Day 3: Curieuse island
  4. Day 4: Aride island
  5. Day 5: Cousin island
  6. Day 6: Sainte-Anne Bay
  7. Day 7: Praslin island.

Day 1, Saturday - flight to Mahe, transfer to Praslin (there is the speedboat catamaran Cat Coco between Mahe and Praslin). Duration of the trip is 1 hour. Most food and drinks will be delivered via the charter company; some beverages can be bought on the island. IMAG0194Restaurant prices are very high, especially for meat products, so it is better to stock up in advance. Settlement on the yacht, overnight. On the island you can also rent equipment for fishing. We strongly recommend taking a windbreaker or jacket as there are brief downpours in the evenings.

Day 2, Sunday - Praslin, the pearl of the Seychelles, - do not miss a walk through the Vallée de Mai, i.e., valley protected by UNESCO, place of the world famous palm coco-de-mer, endemic tree, which grows only here; be sure to invite a guide who will tell you about local plants and their features.




Sail to island La Digue (6 miles), the place of one of the most popular and photographed beaches in the world - Anse Source d'Argent.  On the island you can ride a bike and use the services of a guide. In the evening it is possible to arrange a disco on the beach; grilled fish and a lot of positive emotions are guaranteed!

Day 3, Monday - Curieuse (7 miles), where you will enjoy an unforgettable snorkeling at Cocos Islands, known for its strange frequent bands, carved on the coast. Cocos Islands are famous for spectacular harmony of shapes and colors. Cliffs of ocher color are outlined against bright green coconut palms and white sand beaches next to the turquoise blue water. Underwater you can see thousands of fish swimming in dark caves. Night can be spent anchored in the Baie Laraie, the east coast of the island. Beach party.

Day 4, Tuesday - Aride (6 miles); it is protected area under the supervision of the Royal Society for Nature Conservation. There is a breathtaking view to the island and the bird colonies from granite cliffs. Here is the largest "rookery" on the planet. Only these places are used by roseate tern for nesting and breeding. And a bird called "the northern fulmar" inhabits here only. Fauna of Seychelles is very rich, thus magpie robin can be watched only here. One can continue the list of birds of the island.

However, another feature of the island should be also mentioned: here you will find the largest and most diverse colony of lizards and a number of exclusive plants. Aride is the only place on the planet where there are gorgeous Wright's gardenia and the famous lemon tree, white flowers of which have a scent resembling the smell of mimosa. Do not forget a photo or video camera to photograph the chicks in the nests.

There are no modern hotels and associated entertainments on Aride. Everything is preserved in its original form here. To experience the atmosphere of the tropical and exotic beauty, our company organizes excursions by boat there.

Guests are perfectly met and delighted in Seychelles. Aride is no exception!

Day 5, Wednesday - Cousin. It is one of the most famous nature reserves, nesting place of sea birds and turtles. Annually about a hundred sea turtles arrive to the shores of the island to give life to a new generation. Recreating of the natural flora of the island led to a sharp increase of the number of rare birds. The island is home to several species of lizards and giant Aldabra tortoises. Moreover, the indigenous inhabitants of Cousin Island - animals and birds - amazingly trust people: for example, birds sit directly on the hands and allow watching the newly hatched chicks. Enjoy a competition to find out who will catch the biggest crab! We will spend the evening sunset in the bay, enjoying disco!


Day 6, Thursday - Sainte Anne bay, which is 4,250 meters from the archipelago Mahe; it is the largest of 6 islands making up the National Maritime Park SAINTE ANNE. Marine Park SAINTE ANNE is virgin tropical nature, rare species of animals and plants, as well as 150 species of fish.

Since 1972 the waters of the island SAINTE ANNE have been declared a Marine National Sanctuary. The crystal clear waters around the island give an opportunity to enjoy the diversity of marine life. You will enjoy swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The symbol of the island is a mountain in the middle of the island.

Day 7, Friday - back to Praslin. Re-delivery of rent yacht to a charter company; a farewell party and a walk around the island.

* Tour program may vary depending on the wishes of the team and the weather!

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