Online yachting training


Online yachting training

Online yachting training  “Theoretical basics of yachting. How to become a skipper and independently sail a sailing and motor yacht”. The author of the course is a skipper with more than 30 years of sailing experience Bogdan Brodowski.

Learn yachting in Kiev!

Learn the theory from anywhere in the world!

Also there is the opportunity to take classes in our Kyiv office!

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Online learning yachting is becoming an increasingly popular type of training, so for our students “BB Yachting” offers a new distance learning form online. In a comfortable atmosphere at home (or at work) you can listen to the author’s course by Bogdan Brodowski “Theoretical basics of yachting. How to become a skipper and independently sail a sailing and motor yacht”

Learn yachting online – advantages:

    • Онлайн курс по яхтингуFull interactiv.  In the on-line lecture on yachting, you not only listen to 10 lessons, but actively participate in the process: discuss, clarify incomprehensible moments, ask questions. Live communication with the teacher and with all participants during all 10 classes..
    • Saving time and money.  Online yachting session lasts 2 hours from 19:00 to 21:00 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). And this time you spend only on training, you do not need to waste time and money on the road..
    • Better and more effective mastering of the material. Before and after each lesson, you receive training materials: presentations, slides, videos, as well as access to recording an on-line yacht lesson that you can always repeat at a time convenient for you. The multimedia training materials provided are diverse and interesting, which increases the effectiveness of learning the lesson..
    • Access from anywhere in the worl. Even if you get sick, or you urgently need to leave, you do not miss the class. You can always listen to the yachting lesson you need online.
    • Comfortable and comfortable learning environment. You can study at home, at your favorite cafe, at work or on your way home. You can study anywhere, wherever there is Internet
    • Before each lesson, the training materials are sent by e-mail.

The book “Skipper” as a gift!

IMPORTANT! These are not video lessons. The online yachting course is a live communication with the teacher, and all participants of this course. The Internet course on yachting is held in the form of webinars. With the help of modern program you will be able to listen to full-fledged lectures on Theoretical basics of yachting  online.

он лайн уроки по яхтингу

Topics covered on line yachting courses:

  • Weather: atmospheric pressure, Coriolis rule, cyclone and anticyclone, cold and warm fronts; the Beaufort and Peterson scales; cloud observations; sources of weather forecasting; local anomalies; night and day breezes; world winds; fog; actions during weather worsening.
  • Radio communication and GMDSS elements: Simplex-duplex communication; the SOLAS convention; Call sign; MMSI; call for Mayday, Pan-Pan, Securite, general communication; VHF channels; GMDSS system; radar; depth sounder; GPS; EPIRB; SART; A.I.S.
  • International rules for preventing collision of vessels, COLREGs: priority; signs and signs on bridges; movement along rivers; Traffic Separation Scheme, TSS.
  • Safety on the yacht: means of safety on the yacht; fire, preventive measures, fire triangle, fire extinguishers, fire blanket; life jackets; man overboard, MoB, preventive measures; means and ways of calling for help; pyrotechnics; life raft; rescue operation by helicopter.
  • Lighthouses and beacons: IALA system; lateral signs; cardinal signs; the leading signs; beacons, sector beacons, colors and characteristics of lights, TSS.
  • Basic maneuvers, mooring, anchorage: types of bottom; types of anchors; choice of anchorage; maneuvers in acute and complete courses, through the staff, through the stern; tacking; to buoy; towing; gateways; forward and backward movement; longside.
  • Yacht stability, sail theory, Pivot Point.
  • Navigation lights and signals: navigation lights during day and night; sound signals; actions in case of reduced visibility; other ways of calling for help.
  • Tides (optional): terminology of tides; zero card; time UTC / GMT; the tidal curve; calculation methods for main and secondary ports.
  • Individual lessons 1-2 people: navigation, working with a map, putting positions on the map.
  • Self-study: designations on maps, consultation with the teacher.
  • Group lessons (optional): tides; currents; zero card; time UTC / GMT; calculation of water level and time.


Обучение яхтингу онлайн

The cost of the theoretical online course: 250 euros..
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Online Training Yachting in BB Yachting

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