Food on the yacht


Food on the yacht

Food on the yacht. Sea products always cause special admiration, because they are fresh, tasty and rich in useful substances. The sea and ocean offer a variety of flavors and opportunities that are easy to pick, catch, or buy from the locals. Those that can be eaten raw, as well as those that are easy to cook even on a yacht. For example, oysters or sashimi from freshly caught tuna is a great opportunity to have a luxurious dinner on a yacht. Try different variations of sushi by adding avocado, sesame, salmon or tuna. Fresh fish, rice and nori can be purchased before shipping.

Food on the yacht. Let’s consider the goodies that the sea gives:


Tuna is a perfect example of a fish that can be easily caught in the sea and can be eaten raw in the form of sushi or sashimi. Cooking sushi on a yacht can be even more interesting than going to a restaurant. Simply store the tuna in the refrigerator and cut into thin strips for sushi. Its soft and juicy meat is also ideal for grilling. We recommend serving the tuna “medium-rare” to preserve its best taste.


Salmon is the real king of the sea. Its delicate taste and rich aroma will impress any gourmet. Fresh salmon is ideal for raw food – especially for sushi. You can buy fresh salmon fillets and cut them into thin strips or cubes to make your own sushi. To prepare grilled salmon on a yacht, it is enough to rub it with olive oil and sprinkle with spices. Delicious salmon fillets will be a great dish for lunch in the fresh air.


Oysters are real delicacies from the sea. Fresh oysters have a delicate, marine flavor and texture, and are often served raw. You can eat them raw, enjoying the purest taste of the sea. They are also supplemented with various sauces that enhance the taste and create an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Serve them with lemon or sauces such as mignonette or garlic sauce.

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Crustaceans such as prawns, crabs and langoustines make the perfect seafood dish. A grill or a frying pan are two of the most popular cooking methods. With spices and sauces, they will become a real gastronomic discovery.


Grilled shrimp with garlic butter, salt, and pepper is a delicious and filling lunch. Grill them for a few minutes on each side. Serve with lemon juice and herbs. Lemon and cream sauce is also perfect for this dish.


Mussels are the most popular snack seafood delicacy. They can be grilled with garlic, parsley and lemon. Just place them on the grill rack and cook until the shell opens – when they open, they’re ready! Mussels are usually served in the shell.


Crabs can be cut raw and dipped in sauces. Or cook on the grill. This is a real taste of the sea in your hands.

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